Stay Astonished With Our Tour Management Services

Sanskriti Vacations is well equipped to provide personalized assistance upon arrival and departure to provision of air tickets, train tickets, Monument Tickets, Private viewing of the Art studios, Booking Dance Theatre, Cooking Demonstrations, Magic Shows, movie tickets to Restaurant Bookings etc. We ensure that our visitors enjoy hassle free Agra Experience.

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We are always prompt in delivering personalised assistance upon every step while you are on the way. Our Tour management services would unfold itself upon every aspect of your trip such as ensuring tour guides report in time at your service, best available transport service waiting for your arrival & your Hotel Room kept ready to usher you in to almost comfort.

Step into Agra and its elegant beauty

Agra is the erstwhile capital city of India widely known for its by lanes that are clustered with built heritage from 16th & 17th Century. It's a land of architectural history and beauty transformed in its monumental glory. It is a beautiful city which was once known worldwide for its Persian styled gardens.

Indulge in the beauty of the wonder of the world

"A Tear drop on the cheek of sky" is the most beauty monument of the world which often appreciated as one of the wonders of the world by all kind of travellers. It is globally known for its magnificence in white marble embedded with the semi-precious stones, for its finest carvings & proportions along with its ageless history.